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Posture in Network Marketing and Why is it So Important

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What is Posture in Network Marketing & Why is it So Important?

When you interact with people for network marketing business, the way you interact with them defines your Mindset & Posture. Posture means either you are in a “giving state of mind” or “taking state of mind” while interacting with the prospects & your team.

Posture: Giving State of Mind (You are a Giver)

This is the right frame of mind while interacting with your prospects or even team. You are always a giver in the network marketing business. Whenever you indulge in the business activity always talk with pride.

You are not asking for money for yourself from the prospect. He will not pay it to your pocket. Don’t feel ashamed or don’t let the feeling of begging come in. You are going to contribute something to his life & will help the prospect in changing his life for better through network marketing business.

Posture: Taking State of Mind (You are a Taker)

This is one of the biggest mistake many people do while doing the network marketing business, while talking with their prospects people lose their Posture. They go in somewhat begging mode, while asking people to join.

Once the prospect feels “you need him more” than “he needs you”, you lose posture & in such situation the prospect will not join with you.

How to Maintain Posture in Network Marketing Business

  • Don’t worry too much about prospects comfort-ability.
  • Never do network marketing business presentation at prospects home/office.
  • Always talk with Confidence & Pride.
  • Increase your faith in network marketing industry.
  • Don’t try to Convince the prospect, just Share the required information.
  • Don’t over sell.

Importance of Right Network Marketing Posture

Having a “state of mind of a giver” is the right mindset & right posture in network marketing. It will help you to build the business much easily. Because it’s a human psychology when the prospect feels that what you are talking is for your own benefit, he will not accept your point. Even if it’s for prospects benefit.

Right network marketing posture will present you as a Leader, not only in the eyes of the prospects but even your team. If you are the one who SHOWS desperation or go in begging mode with the prospect to sign up, people might not like to follow you.

By maintaining right network marketing posture you will create good Value for yourself. Whatever you will say or share with people will be taken as a Valuable opinion.

To Conclude

Simply meet with people with attitude of a giver & your prospect should never feel that you are desperate to sign up him or you need him. That’s the right network marketing posture & it always helps you doing the network marketing business in the right way.

Time for a Break

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Are you the one who keeps crying for the business all the time? Whenever you talk with your team you only talk about the business? Do you feel that people don’t greet you with an open heart?

Or you are the one with whom people love to spend their time with?

These are some question worth pondering over as they have a huge impact on your business!

These questions touch on a very important aspect of your life and your business. They define your approach.

If you are over-serious, about something then you need to learn to chill out personally as well as professionally.

Why it is Important to chill out: Personal Reason

If you will keep yourself pressurized with business all the time, you are bound to get burnt out, i.e. sooner or later you will spoil your health. It’s always advisable to take out some break from the business. Relax yourself, your mind, change atmosphere, go for a party or vacation for few days.

Once you are back you will feel more rejuvenated & will be able to work with much more focus & strength. Whereas, if you keep on working without any timeout, you may start taking your work as a burden & surely you will not love & enjoy what you will be doing & hence efficiency will go down. So if you have not taken a timeout from long time, plan it & go for it.

Why it is Important to chill out: Professional Reason

Not only taking time out is important for your own relaxation, it’s even very important so that your people should not take you as a person who always expect business from them. Unless people don’t love you, trust you, they won’t do business with you. Spend more time with you people outside the office, work environment. Dine with them, go for a party, plan a trip, play some sport or any other activity that interest both the parties.

From my personal experience, I have realised that one learns more about a person when they share a meal than in a meeting/conference room. You get to know more about the kind of life your teammates and other people are living & accordingly you can add more value to their life.

Still thinking if you need a break?

Here are 6 Signs which say You Need a Break from Your Work :

1)   You are not feeling happy from inside due to work overload

2)   You lack Focus

3)   You react to small issues & create bigger troubles for yourself

4)   Sometimes when you are working hard & not getting results, it’s better to chill for some time

5)   You are not able to sleep properly due to stress or work pressure

6)   Feeling depressed & not liking anything around you

Whenever i find any of the above 6 signs creeping into my life, I take a break. Below are some of my pics doing so…might give you an idea for your next break 😉



“All Work & No Play, Makes Jack A Dull Businessman”

To Conclude

No doubt that you need to be Focused & Consistent to get succeed in your work, but at the same time it’s very important from personal & professional point of view to take break from your work, to relax your mind & body. Spending some time with your colleagues outside work environment as it will help you create stronger bonds with them, which will help in producing better business results.

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